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Notes on the Poets of Clare by Thomas F. O’Rahilly

Séamus Mac Consaidín

Séamus Mac Consaidín (James Considine) was, according to Dean White, born near Mullagh (south of Miltown Malbay).[16] About a dozen of his songs have survived, several of them being love songs of the conventional type. A note on this poet written by Eugene O’Curry about 1839 deserves to be quoted in full: “James Considine was a very deep classical and Irish scholar. He was of a respectable family of the north eastern part of County Clare. He was a smart wit, and gained his livelihood by the practice of medicine, etc, of which he had great practice and knowledge, though he never studied the science. He was a constant and welcome visitor at the house of my father, as was John Lloyd, John Hoare, John Hartney, Peter O’Connell, Jeremiah Mulqueen, and several other poets and Irish scholars of Clare, and of other parts of Munster, about forty, and more, years ago.

I have no information as to when Séamus Mac Consaidín died. A number of his poems are known to have been written before 1779, but one of them is dated 1782.

Caoine ar Bhás Sheáin de hÓra” (1) by Séamus Mac Consaidín

Caoine ar Bhás Sheáin de hÓra” (2) by Séamus Mac Consaidín


Seón Lloyd


Tomás Ó Míocháin